Ousent Technologies Co., Ltd.Ousent Technologies Co., Ltd.


We offer a wealth of optical transceiver and technical expertise to meet varied customer requirements. Find out the best proposal to benefit your business.

Data center solutions WDM transmission solution FTTx Solution Automatic Testing System Solution

Corporate Advantage

We provide a true OEM alternative by indentical functionality and a lower acquisition cost without sacrificing quality or support.

Our Partners

With nearly 15 years of experience in development and manufacture of optical transceivers, Ousent has been a reliable supplier for many famous companies of telecom and network on a worldwide scale, recognized for their excellent quality.

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Add: 2nd Floor, Building A1West, Shunheda Industrial Park, Liuxiandong Village, Xili Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen GD,China 518055
Tel:+86 755 27788593
Fax:+86 755 26509552 Ext 808
E-mail:[email protected]


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