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CeBIT 2018

Date:2018/7/18    Hits:2089

Welcome to visit Ouent at CEBIT 2018

Technical Conference: 11-15 June 2018

Exhibition: 12-15 June 2018

Addr: Exhibition Center Hall 11 ~13 Hannover Germany.

Booth No: H12-E10-3

CeBIT is the largest and most international representative computer expo.The trade fair is held each year on the Hanover fairground, the world's largest fairground,in Hanover, Germany. It is considered a barometer of current trends and a measure of the state of the art in information technology

Ousent is going to attend the expo this year, with our new achievement and upgrades in optic modules and product solutions. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth at the grand show.

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