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FTTH Solution


As FTTx solution is regarded for the greatest one to access network, it completely changed people’s way of life, work and entertainment, it attracted huge concern in domestic as well as being rapidly promoted becaused its optical transmission medium has the noise-free,radiation free, strong anti-EMI ability,its telecommunication system has no limitation of bandwidth,distance,etc.. so that demand of FTTH is increasing obviously with countries growing demand for bandwidth.

Above figure is showing an application for FTTH,which adopts EPON Terminal, then to place a OLT system equipment in centeral office, next to connect ONU at user side through splitter when fiber to district,afterward,to connect ethernet, voice, CATV, Wi-Fi to end user so as to provide a user with a high-speed data and high-quality video services.

Features of Solutions

Innovation Triple Play System Frame:OLT platform transmits data, voice, IPTV/CATV video,Wi-Fi business by fiber


High Integration:0~20km coverage area, 1:64 split ratio, the largest one can provide 144 PON sytems, 9216 ONU

access capabilities, can provide GE/10GE uplink interface.

Diversity of Business Management Control:64k min. allocable bandwidth,64k bandwidth allocable granularity, SLA-based DBA stragety can be avaialbe for variety of business by VLAN’s isolation and management as well as supporting VLAN


Flexible Network Structure: To support SNMP, Telnet, Console management method, DA network management platform,simutaneously support the third party network management system.

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